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0. ZZTAE/KEVEDIT are your friends. Learning to use them well means making more game in less time!
1. Think small. 30 minutes is not enough time for much.
2. Think simple. Objects are great for text and some simple programming. Engines generally are death.
3. Make everything as shoddily as possible. We're not going for a masterpiece here!
4. Spend 2 or 3 minutes before you get into making it about what you should do to make it CREATIVE. Creative and/or interesting entries are the ones that are going to win the awards!
5. It's easy to forget about gameplay. Actually, if you can play it, you're usually head over heels above your competition.
6. Break these rules. Make your game noticed somehow, and when the time comes to select the best bkzzt games yours will be among them.