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Q: Espernet? How do I get on it?
A: Click here the answer
Q: What about #russia?
A: Once you're there, type /join #russia to start playing!
Q: DCC? What's that?
A: The mIRC command for it is "/dcc send WiL [c:\zzt\game.zzt]". Of course, substitute [c:\zzt\game.zzt] with the actual path and filename.
Q: path? filename?
A: err, just email it to, ok?
Q: email? What is this thing you call email?
A: hush ;).
Q: What can I win?
A: recognition on the site as being a generally brilliant (wo)man.
Q: How is winning decided?
A: It is decided by an expert panel of superb oldbies whose WORD IS LAW.
Q: How often?
A: probably once a month or so. depends on the number of entries we get.
Q: Had enough?
A: Aye. :)